EdHope Academy is a coaching academy that provides athletes with Sport Performance training and Fitness services through One-on-One, Small Group, Group and Team training.

We are not a club, this means athletes from any club are welcome to TRAIN with us!

Our goal is to Educate athletes of any age while giving them Hope of achieving their desired results, it’s all about the athlete!

By providing world class training we will eliminate the gaps in athlete development. We  are committed to helping athletes take their game to the next level. Ultimately we want to make athletes that train with us well rounded game changers through the; Technical, Physical, Tactical and Mental phases of the game.  Becoming a well rounded athlete doesn’t happen by accident. It comes through practice, paying attention to detail, understanding, and most importantly guidance from a great coach.


EdHope Academy seeks to Educate and give Hope to athletes through sports.

Educate: Every session provided by an EdHope Academy coach has a thought out process, it has a purpose and goal. We educate athletes on What to do, Why they are doing it, How to do it, When to do it, and Where to do it. Each technique/form is broken down small steps before arriving at the final product for example a Ball Striking session has 8 steps, we don’t teach all the steps at once. Too many athletes miss out on the opportunity of learning proper technique and form, and because of this they go through their soccer career not being able to achieve their full potential.

Hope: As athletes ourselves we know exactly what it takes to get to the next level,we believe that by leading by example and showing athletes HOW to apply the knowledge provided, we give them HOPE that it can be DONE! “Not only can we talk the talk, but we can walk the walk too!”


EdHope Academy aspires to be the #1 premier Sports Performance and Fitness resource in the North Metro area. Our vision is to continue to grow, eventually serving on a global scale.

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Founder/ Coach Mulenga Kapungulya


Mulenga Kapungulya was born and raised in Zambia.Early Years:

Growing Mulenga was known for his competitiveness, he strived to be the best at everything he did. He started playing soccer when he was 5 years old, he played recreationally for 4 years. When he was 9 years old he signed his first contract with Afrisports FC, where he gained valuable experience and exposure.

He was the youngest player to represent the Zambian U15 and U17 national teams. Mulenga was on course to play professionally in Europe after being scouted by several teams.

After graduating from high school, he had to make decision to play professionally or go to college. After months of talking it over with his family the final decision was to go to college.

In 2007 Mulenga enrolled at Anoka Ramsey C.C where he studied Business. While at Anoka Ramsey his passion for soccer led him to start an intramural team. After going unbeaten for 2 straight years the team sparked the interest from then Womens soccer Head coach Brady Eichhorn Hicks.
A year later the Men’s soccer team were now competing in the NJCAA. Brady took on the Head coach position and selected Mulenga as the Men’s soccer team captain. He was the school’s first All-American, was voted as the Outstanding Athlete of the year and 7 years later was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

After playing one year at ARCC, he graduated with his associates degree and was awarded an athletic scholarship to the University of Wisconsin Parkside. At UW-Parkside he played for a 2 years but was sidelined the majority of the time due to injuries.
After graduating with his Bachelors in Business he returned to Minneapolis to be closer to family.
Since then Mulenga has coached for a number of organizations and high schools. He has established himself as fitness guru and a sports performance specialist.

After working for different coaching organizations Mulenga decided to pursue one of his childhood dreams of owning a coaching academy.

In December 2015 he registered EdHope Academy LLC, with the mission of Educating and giving Hope to Athletes through Sports.

Since its conception EdHope Academy LLC has experienced steady growth and hopes to continue expanding its reach throughout the US and globally.

Chiropractor/ Coach Dr. Wark

Dr. Wark grew up in the small town of Zimmerman, MN. While in high school she participated in track and field and cheerleading. After high school she attended college at the University of Minnesota in Crookston, MN where she graduated with a Bachelors in Health Sciences. Throughout her time as an undergraduate student, she fell in love with soccer and athletics. This prompted her decision for a career in health care and to attend graduate school. Right after graduation, she moved to Bloomington, MN to attend Chiropractic school at Northwestern Health Sciences University. About half way through the program Sports Chiropractic sparked her interest. So, she focused on learning more about how to work in athletics and sports care management. With this decision, she also enrolled at Concordia University to acquire a Master’s degree in Exercise Sciences. Here, she conducted original research on the effects that ankle injuries have on ankle proprioception. Not only does Dr. Wark have first hand experience of sport injuries, she is highly motivated to better an athlete’s performance and prevent possible injury using conservative care. Even though her passion is with athletes, she is excited to be working with people of the community.

Coaching Director Charlie Zubal

With over a decade of coaching already under his belt, Charlie Zubal brings an unrivaled passion to every one of his sessions. A former National Premier Soccer League player and collegiate athlete, Charlie now holds the NSCAA Futsal Diploma, MYSA D License, and USSF Youth Certification. Since moving to Minnesota in 2011, he has coached several club and high school teams and served as the Assistant Director of Coaching at LeftFoot Coaching Academy. Now leading several programs and training multiple teams at NSSA, Charlie’s love of soccer and ambition to deliver cutting-edge training mean he’s constantly coaching, playing, watching, and studying soccer as a boundless student of the game.

Charlie Zubal

Coaching Director

Dr. Wark

Chiropractor/ Coach

Mulenga Kapungulya

Founder/ Coach