Small Group soccer training

Why Small Group soccer training?

If you’re in Small Group soccer training, you can focus on a certain area which the small groups need to focus. It’s one of the best ways to tailor your skills for playing in the professional soccer game. In this Small Group soccer training, you can get lots of time and energy for nurturing the skills.  If you’re in a team session, the coach can’t individually help you as he needs to train up the team in the perfect way. In that time, the concern of the coach is to make the team stronger. Besides, when there are 12 to 14 members in a team, it’s hardly possible for him to find out the individual mistakes.

Maybe you have a great defender in the small group, but he is struggling hard for learning foot skills or 1v1 moves. For them, we’re here to help them out. We’ve particular session for the particular skill in this Small Group soccer training. Hence, anyone will be able to develop the skill.

If you want to be a high-class athlete, you need countless hours of meticulous practice. So for that, you need a good trainer who can help you to develop the skills and accelerate your learning.  If you’re serious about improving the soccer skills, Small Group soccer training is the ideal one for you. It focuses mainly on the core skills to make you a successful soccer player. The primary objective of this Small Group soccer training is to develop your skills in specific areas of the game which is hardly possible in any large team group.

Small Group soccer training skills:

Technical skills- these are basically ball oriented skill. Here the skills are associated with “how to do.”

Tactical skills- These are mainly skills on decision making. These will help you to learn “what to do” in particular situation in the game.

Technical skills in the Small Group soccer training include:

  • Quick Footwork Skills
  • Short Passing
  • Long Passing
  • First Touch & Receiving
  • Various Shooting Techniques
  • Dribbling Moves & Fakes
  • Techniques for Goalkeeping
  • Bending Passes
  • Heading

Tactical skills in the Small Group soccer training include:

  • Individual Defending
  • Counterattack Concepts
  • Rhythm & Speed of Play
  • 1v1 Tactics
  • Switching the Point of Attack
  • Possession
  • Small Group & Cover Defending
  • Ball oriented Zonal Defending
  • 2v1 Situations & Combination Play

Why choose us for the Small Group soccer training?

The EdHope Academy has a good reputation for providing high-quality Small Group soccer training. People of all ages and skills can take part in this Small Group soccer training. The instructors are highly qualified with US and English coaching licenses. They have the experience of working with the youth soccer players and make the session interesting and challenging at the same time. Check out the testimonials on our website. You’ll be more clear about our quality and services.

What’ll you do in each session in the Small Group soccer training?

It mainly depends on the need of the player or small group. That is, what they’re specifically looking for. If they think that they need to improve on shooting or passing, we’ll focus mainly on these two skills. Besides, in all sessions in the Small Group soccer training, we’ll assess your children and pass over the feedback on what they need to improve and focus on.

Moreover, the cores skills like- coordination, foot skills, passing, first touch and finishing, etc. will be taught in every session. Thus, they’ll develop the core skills with confidence.