The best players on the field may not always be the strongest, fastest or even most skilled but
they are usually the smartest. Knowing how to play the game properly, how to play your
position and formation properly are extremely important skills that take years to master. As you progress to higher levels of competition in Soccer, becoming tactically aware and game smart will become more and more important. You must develop your tactical understanding and game intelligence if you want to play at the top level. Tactics are something most players rely on their coaches to deal with, but the more tactically aware you are, the more success you will have on the field. There are also tons of books on Soccer tactics you can read. Take a trip to your local library and brush up on your tactics. Who knows, after a reading a few you may start to have dreams of becoming a world class Soccer Manager one day (after your successful career as a player of course). Being tactically aware will also make you more coachable and a better teammate. You’ll adapt to new systems easily and feel comfortable playing in every position, regardless of where the Coach places you. Improving your tactical skills will come with experience but remember to always be open to the advice your coaches, mentors, and teammates share with you. Don’t be stubborn, take all advice with an open mind. The second you begin to think you know everything is the second your progression as a Soccer player will come to a stop.