The most athletic Soccer player is useless without good technical skills. Players who
rely solely on their physical attributes and neglect developing their technical abilities may as
well stop playing Soccer and take up Boxing or Wrestling. I am not down playing the importance of being physically fit (in-fact being physically fitter than your competition can give you huge advantages on the Soccer field). However, relying on physical fitness alone will result in a very short Soccer career.
Technical skill should be the cornerstone of every Soccer player’s development. Being
able to run the whole field in under 10 seconds or playing your positioning tactically
perfect are both great, but if you can’t even receive a pass when a teammate gives you the ball,
you’re going to be a waste of space on the pitch. If your serious about becoming a better
Soccer player, you need to commit to becoming a better technically skilled player. Your
basic skills are something you need to practice everyday. Remember, you can always get